Student Entrepreneurship Learning Project

Sunday, 8 April 2018.  A few student  member of  University Student of NU in Universitas Jember which officially held an Entrepreneurship Learning Project in Alun- Alun Jember . it mapped in order to create young entrepenuer especially inside of this organization.

A team which was organized by the director immediately.  they improved on how they catch the view of  mapping market since they have been already  at the time ( Car free day) where mostly people did exercise, art and skill improvement.

Since they did the exercise while helping on how keep health the bodies, they also keep closer with the stuff that already bought before. it was a mineral bottle.

it supposed to be continued as program or activity used to do once in week, in other side supported the economic issues on constructing the program and activity that already mapped.

As the member of inter alia ; @aji_ache, @sulaimanmr, @novitamizaisy, @delianadevayanti and @yahyaart26, should give appreciate to have bounding and how they keep to be an young entrepeneur.

as the advantage of this activity are, traine all the participates did communication and interaction with all people around, traine how they can set up the product more interisting, create such innovative learning, having a friendship and another advantage.

but, it doesnt limited to the member already, so you guys can participate on this weekly program as the instruct by organizer..


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